Game 6

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Thursday’s NBA Playoff Match Ups

 (Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets Game 6, Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic Game 6)


The plot thickens! Just when you thought the Lakers were down and almost out they come back with an unbelievable 40 point victory over the Houston Rockets in LA. The Lakers were just firing on all cylinders on Tuesday night as they played with passion and a new sense of purpose. The Rockets on the other hand couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives and just looked tried to say the least.

The Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic series also took a drastic turn as the Magic were holding a 14 point lead in the Fourth quarter only to eventually lose to the defending champs yet again.


Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets Game 6

Lakers -8.5 O/U 197 at BetJamaiaca

Game Four was an absolute nightmare for the Los Angeles Lakers. Nothing was working, the Rockets were out playing them in every way possible and LAmar Odom suffered an injury that could have kept him out of future Games. The future looked bleak to say the least for the Lakers.

All that changed in Game five though as the Lakers came out of the gates firing on all cylinders. Kobe Bryant was hitting his shots and the Lakers were playing inspired defense which lead to turnover after turnover for the struggling Rockets.

With every passing quarter the lead just got bigger and bigger for the Lakers as everyone on Phil Jackson’s squad seemed to get into the action and play like a championship team.

Now the series will head back to Houston for a pivotal Game six in which the Rockets will face elimination. The 40 point win in Game five was a huge confidence builder for Kobe Bryant and company, but now it is crunch time and the Lakers need to close out the Rockets on their home floor.

After watching Game five I would say the Lakers are back on track and have regain their championship swagger, I expect them to end this series in Houston on Thursday night. I don’t think they will blowout the Rockets like they did in Game five, but I do believe in the end it will be the Lakers advancing to the Western Conference finals for the second straight year.


Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic Game 6

Magic -7 O/U 190 at

Honestly, this series bores the hell out of me. The Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic are great teams, but the entertainment factor just isn’t there. Dwight Howard may be a character off the floor, but he has done little in this series to make me think he is a primetime player in the playoffs.

The Celtics on the other hand continue to excel even with the Big Ticket and will most likely advance to the Eastern Conference finals to face LeBron James and company. This series could definitely go either way in the final two Games, but with all the inner turmoil of the Magic with Howard and Stan Van Gundy not seeing eye to eye I think the defending champs will take advantage and close out the Magic in Orlando in Game six.



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