Game Five First Round

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Wednesday’s NBA Playoff Match Ups

 (Heat @ Hawks Game 5, Hornets @ Nuggets Game 5)


The first round of the NBA playoffs is over for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it still presses on for the rest of the teams in the East and West. 

Although there are a few series that look to be one Game from over there are a couple that could go the distance.


Miami Heat @ Atlanta Hawks Game 5


One of the series left in the first round in the East that looks like it could be headed to the full seven Games is the Heat and the Hawks. This series is getting more and more physical as the coming into Game five. In my opinion the Heat will prevail in the end because the Hawks just don’t have an answer for Wade, but the Hawks supporting cast has come up big in their first Four Games of the postseason. 

Dwyane Wade has had a somewhat up and down series with great performances and Games where he just couldn’t get going. Players like Wade don’t stay down for long though. He definitely struggled early on in Game Four with a few airballs that he would like to forget, but he came on strong to finish the Game even though the Heat lost. 

Unlike last season home cOurt advantage isn’t playing as much of a big role. The Hawks have already dropped one Game to the Heat in Atlanta and now the same has happen in Miami with the Hawks tying up the series 2-2. 

Although Game five of this series will be very competitive, I think Dwyane Wade will have a big Game to make up for his forgettable performance in Game Four and take control of this series 3-1.




New Orleans Hornets @ Denver Nuggets Game 5


I have never seen a more lopsided NBA playoff series by two great teams in recent memory.  

Coming into this series I would have sworn we were in for a battle of two Western Conference powerhouse teams lead by legendary point guards. If I had to pick in the beginning of this series which point guard would be the one to have the overall better series I would have said Chris Paul over Chauncey Billups without even hesitating. I could not have been more wrong. 

Billups’ experience and leadership has given Chris Paul a huge wake up call. Paul may still be considered the best point guard in the league after the Hornets lose this series, but he will know he has just learned a costly lesson. 

The Nuggets beat the Hornets in Game Four by 58 points! That kind of dominance NEVER goes unnoticed and has probably just destroyed the Hornets confidence. Game five will be the Hornets this season. I don’t see another huge victory like Game Four, but the Nuggets should win pretty easily and move on to the next round to face either the Mavs or the Spurs.



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