Game Six Round 1

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Thursday’s NBA Playoff Match Ups


(Celtics @ Bulls Game 6, Magic @ Sixers Game 6, Blazers @ Rockets Game 6)


There are few a first round playoff series in the books and the ones that are left are coming down to the wire with no clear cut favorite to advance to the second round.

Coming into the postseason there were plenty of teams red hot and looked destine to make it to the second round, but there have been a few underdog teams so far that have just not gone away like the Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers and the Portland Blazers.


Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls Game 6

Without a doubt the most competitive and entertaining series so far in the playoffs has been the underdog Chicago Bulls lead by rookie sensation Derrick Rose and super clutch Ben Gordon.

Of course many people believed that this series was done way before it even began with the Bulls being underachievers throughout the year and the Celtics holding their own despite injury problems.

With Kevin Garnett watching from the bench, both Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose playing as if on a mission and almost every Game going into overtime this series has turned into an instant classic!

Right now the Celtics lead the series 3-2 coming off a big win at home, but now the series goes back to Chicago for Game six and I think they will tie up the series and send it back to Boston.


Orlando Magic @ Philadelphia 76ers Game 6

Talk about a surprise! The Bulls giving the defending champs a run for their money was a big surprise as well, but I didn’t see the Magic struggling against the lowly Sixers in the first round.

Dwight Howard hasn’t been a huge factor in this series so far. Game five the young center came alive with 24 points and 24 boards, but throughout the series he has struggled to play with the dominance he has played with all season on both sides of the floor.

With Howard finally coming alive, Hedo Turkoglu stepping up big and Rashard Lewis hitting his shots from deep the Magic are back to from and will be looking to close out the underdog Sixers.

As long as Howard stays on track this series is over.


Portland Trailblazers @ Houston Rockets Game 6

There is no question the Houston Rockets have been by far the better team in this series with the Portland Trailblazers. The only way the Blazers have even had a chance against the stingy Rockets defense has been if Brandon Roy and LAMarcus Aldridge have huge Games on the offensive end.

Before the series began I thought the Blazers would win in five or six Games, but now it is obvious that the Blazers will be going through some growing pains much like the Rockets have throughout the past half decade or so.

The Rockets will end this series on their home floor in Game six.





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