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A Look at the Current Draft Odds on all the Top Prospects including Rick Rubio

With the NBA Draft upon us, all the speculation as to who will end up where will soon come to an end. Not only are hardcore NBA fans and players like Rick Rubio anxiously awaiting the Draft, but so too are hardcore sportsbettors who have done their homework and feel they can beat the odds and cash in on the 2009 NBA Draft! One Sportsbook with tons of NBA Draft proposition bets and offers is

We mentioned Rick Rubio above. Rick Rubio is the Spanish phenom, just 18 years old and has been playing professionally in Spain since he was 15! Move over Lebron James! He is a 6 ft 5 in point guard regarded by some as a “freak of nature” and he’s even been compared to Pete Maravich. So where do the odds say Rick Rubio will end up?

Several teams have expressed an interest in Rick Rubio, including the Knicks, Thunder, Grizzlies and Twolves and Rubio just worked out for the Sacramento Kings  yesterday, a workout Rubio was not thrilled with. ACCording to Rubio, a solo workout is not his cup of tea. He says he needs his teammates around him to show what he can do on the cOurt.

BetUs lists the odds of Rick Rubio going to the Grizzlies at 7/4, the Thunder at 5/4 and the Kings at 8-1 odds. But of course, it’s not just Rubio that you can bet on. As a matter of fact, according to the odds at BeUS, the number one draft pick is going to be Blake Griffin as they list him at 1/20 odds going to the Clippers. That means you have to risk 20 bucks to win a dollar folks. They list the field at 10/1 on that wager.

The 2nd Draft pick is where the betting action heats up a bit. BetUs lists the following odds on who the Grizzlies will take 2nd in the Draft.

 Hasheem Thabeet 5/4
 Ricky Rubio 7/4
 Brandon Jennings 8/1
 Jordan Hill 9/1
 James Harden 6/1
 Anyone else 12/1

So there you go. The NBA season may have just ended, but the NBA betting action is just heating up. Think you know which player will go where? If so, you can cash in on your knowledge with a little wager or two. There are far too many wagering options available on this years NBA Draft to possibly list here. Check out all the options at, one of Our highest rated sportsbooks!



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