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NEW YORK, NY – The NBA’s roller coaster playoffs are winding down and the NBA finals are set to explode. The Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers will face each other in a battle for the ages. Speculation from fans and experts alike is reaching a fever pitch on all things finals, including Jameer Nelson’s status, leading scorers, leading technical-foulers, even the color of a Van Gundy tie appearance. This being the case the largest most successful sportsbook on the web,, has posted odds on all things NBA finals.

Analysts at posted the following odds on the NBA Finals:

Odds to win the NBA Finals:

Orlando Magic 21/10
Los Angeles Lakers 5/9

Odds to Win the Finals MVP Award:

Kobe Bryant 1/3
Dwight Howard 11/4
Pau Gasol 6/1
Rashard Lewis 17/2
Hedo Turkoglu 12/1
Trevor Ariza 14/1
LAmar Odom 25/1

Who will the NBA MVP of the Game thank first?

Teammates 3/2
Fans/City 2/1
Family 3/1
God 6/1
Coach 8/1
Thanks Nobody 5/1

Who will the Winning coach thank first?

Team 3/2
Owner/GM 9/4
Fans/City 3/1
Coaching Staff 5/1
Family 6/1
God 10/1
Thanks Nobody 7/1

Where will the 2009 NBA title be won?

Home COurt 10/17
Away COurt 13/10

What will be the Series Clinching Game?

Game 4 11/2
Game 5 9/4
Game 6 7/4
Game 7 7/4

What will be the NBA Finals TV Rating?

Over 8.75 10/11
Under 8.75 10/13

Will Dwight Howard have a 20 Rebound Game?

Yes 2/1
No 1/3

Dwight Howard’s NBA Finals Point Average:

Over 20.5 Points 10/13
Under 20.5 Points 10/11

Will Dwight Howard be suspended?

Yes 4/1
No 1/8

Who will be the first Center to foul out?

Andrew Bynum 10/13
Dwight Howard 10/11

How many points will Kobe Bryant average?

Over 31.5 Points 10/13
Under 31.5 Points 10/11

Will Kobe Bryant be suspended?

Yes 11/2
No 1/12

How many points will Pau Gasol average?

Over 17.5 Points 2/3
Under 17.5 Points 11/10

How many points will Rashard Lewis average?

Over 17.5 Points 10/13
Under 17.5 Points 10/11

Points and Rebound Average by Dwight Howard:

Over 35.5 Points + Rebounds 10/13
Under 35.5 Points + Rebounds 10/11

How many points will Hedo Turkoglu average?

Over 15.5 Points 10/11
Under 15.5 Points 10/13

Will any Game go to overtime?

Yes 9/5
No 5/12

Will any Game be decided by more than 20 points?

Yes 5/7
No 1/1

Will Stan Van Gundy wear a tie for Game 1?

Yes 5/6
No 5/6

What color will Stan Van Gundy’s first tie be?

Blue 2/1
Purple 7/2
Black 3/1
Paisley 4/1
White 9/2
Red 6/1
Field 5/1

Which team will get the first Technical Foul?

Lakers 10/11
Magic 10/13

Which player will be the first to get a Technical Foul?

Kobe Bryant 5/6
Dwight Howard 5/6

Which team will be called for the most Technical Fouls?

Lakers 10/11
Magic 10/13

Will Kobe Score40 points in a finals Game?

Yes 10/13
No 10/10

Will Phil Jackson be the Lakers Coach next season?

Yes 1/2
No 3/2

Will any player refuse to shake hands after the series?

Yes 5/1
No 1/10

Will either team return to the finals in 2010

Yes 5/1

Will Dwight Howard break a backboard?

Yes 6/1

Shaq will publically support which team?

Lakers 5/7
Magic 1/1

Will Jeff Van Gundy be replaced during the series?

Yes 1/1
No 5/7

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