NBA Wednesday

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Wednesday’s Playoff Match Ups

 (Sixers @ Magic Game 2, Heat @ Hawks Game 2, Hornets @ Nuggets Game 2)



It has been a wild ride thus far in the Eastern Conference playoffs as the underdogs continue to emerge and make their presence known. No team in this year’s NBA playoffs has backed down from their opponents so far in the first round except for the Detroit Pistons that is.


Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic Game 2 

There was no bigger upset in all the Game ones in the first round than the Philadelphia 76ers beating the Orlando Magic. The Game was very close and took a last second shot for Andre Iguodala to get the win, but most people predicted the Sixers not even having a chance in this Game including myself. 

Game two should be completely different as Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy has almost certainly whipped these boys into shape during their short break between Games. I fully expected Dwight Howard to have a huge Game here and put Philly back in their place. If the Sixers keep it competitive even in a loss this series might go the distance, but I really don’t see the Magic losing this Game.


Miami Heat @ Atlanta Hawks Game 2 

Game one was a huge wake up call for Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. The Heat have been a good team all season long, but not a great team as they Heat seem to be a mirror image of the Los Angeles Lakers a few years back when Kobe Bryant had to Score40 to even have a chance of winning the Game.  

Although Michael Beasley and Jermaine O’Neal are great additions to a team in desperate need of supporting cast to surround Dwyane Wade they still need some time together to create some team chemistry.  

The Hawks should take this series, but the Dwyane Wade factor will always keep this series a float for the Heat. If Wade can have classic performance after classic performance than the Heat will be able to eventually advance to the second round, but if the Hawks hold Wade to under 20 points like they did in Game one this series will be over quickly. 

I think the Heat will keep this Game close, at least a lot closer than the last Game, but they will need to get back to Miami to have a chance at beating a Hawks team that is starting to come together.


New Orleans Hornets @ Denver Nuggets Game 2 

One thing is certain after Game one in Denver, the Nuggets are for real!  

Chris Paul may be the best point guard in basketball, but Chauncey Billups showed why he is a proven winner and a born leader by out playing CP3 in every aspect of the Game.  

I do believe that the Hornets will win one or even two Games in this series, but it will not be in Denver. The Nuggets have proven they are the better team on both ends of the floor and will continue to prove that fact in Game two. The Game will most likely be a bit more competitive than the blowout in Game one, but the result will be exactly the same with the Nuggets up 2-0.



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