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Cavs vs. Celtics

March 2009 NBA Predictions


There have been some great Eastern Conference rivalries in the past with plenty of memorable Games which we can never forget. The 80s and 90s were chalk full of these kind of match ups that every NBA fan looked forward to, most of which involved the Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

One of the best Eastern Conference match ups back in the day was MJ’s Chicago Bulls going up against Isiah Thomas’ Detroit Piston Bad Boys. There has never been a match up more physical in recent memory as the Pistons just hurt people, especially Michael Jordan. MJ was so unstoppable back then that the Pistons defense was solely directed at putting Jordan to the floor every time he got in the paint.

This decade however has been dominated by the Western conference. With the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers going back and forth winning titles, no team in the East even stood a chance besides the Pistons who were able to beat Shaq and Kobe before the Lakers broke up their championship team.

Although the West still has some very good teams, including the Lakers and Spurs, the East has gotten back to its dominant was with some of the best teams in the NBA coming out of that conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the best team the NBA has to offer right now, but not far behind them are the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers and the defending champion Boston Celtics.

Last season the Celtics pretty much dominated the entire Eastern Conference with little resistance from any team in the East, but this season is another story altogether.

There is a pretty big drop off after the top three teams in the East with Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat as possibly the Fourth best team in the East, but the Magic, Celtics and Cavs are as tough as they come.

One of the most intriguing match ups in the East right now is the Celtics against LeBron James Cavs. Cleveland has been nothing short of amazing this season as they have the best home record in the league with only one loss to the Lakers in 27 Games at the Q.

The Celtics on the other hand have struggle a little as of late with Kevin Garnett out of the lineup due to an injured knee. Boston has improved their depth by signing Stephon Marbury, but will need to get KG back as soon as possible before they let the Cavs run away with the number one seed in the Eastern conference.

The Cavs were bit by the injury bug as well by losing Ben Wallace to a broken leg, but with the recent signing of Joe Smith the injury to Wallace will not hurt LeBron and company as much as once thought.

Not only is this a huge Game for both teams, as this Game could be a possible Eastern Conference finals preview, but home cOurt in the NBA finals might be on the line for both teams.

The Cavs won the last Game in January in Cleveland and with KG out they should win this one as well. This Game could be a nail bitter with Paul Pierce and LeBron James likely to have another classic head to head battle, but the Cavs too good right now to fall to a Celtics team without KG. Both Bet and opened this Game Celtics -2 with a total of 184 and we’ll take the +2 here.


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