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Thursday’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 5


 (Orlando Magic @ Cleveland Cavaliers)


Even though the Orlando Magic are up 3-1 in the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers and are heading into an elimination Game in Cleveland, this series has been as close as they come.

Every single Game so far in this series has seem to be decided within the last minute or so with great last second shots and clutch plays. I think we will be in for another tight one in Cleveland for Game five as the Cavs fight to keep their NBA Finals hopes alive!

Orlando Magic @ Cleveland Cavaliers Game 5

Cavs -7.5 O/U 190 at

There is no doubt in my mind that the Orlando Magic is the better team in this series. The Cavs obviously have the better all around player in LeBron James, but the Magic supporting cast has proven they can step up and get the job done time and time again which I believe will be the difference when it is all said and done.

Even though the Magic are the better team in my opinion, I think the Cavs will win Game five. The pressure is on both teams, but I really can’t see LeBron and company losing an elimination Game at home.

The Cavs biggest problem with the Magic is the match ups. No one on the Cavs, besides LeBron of course, can guard Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu. Both Lewis and Hedo play like guards, shoot the basketball exceptionally well from inside and outside and have shown they have the ability to hit clutch shots consistently.

Rafer Alston also showed how he can hurt the Cavs in Game Four with his 26 points and six three pointers. The Magic just have too many weapons compared to a Cavs team that obviously depends on LeBron for almost all their offensive production.

In all three of their losses so far LeBron has scored 40+ points making it painfully obvious for the Cavs that he can not do it all on his own. A few of the Cavs supporting cast have had some good performances that have given the Magic problems defensively like Delonte West, but I just don’t see enough of LeBron’s crew stepping up to be able to win three straight Games.

The Cavs will get Game five, like I said before, but once this series moves back to Orlando this series is done.

Unfortunately for the Cavs, Game five will most likely be another Game with LeBron James going one on five all night long to be able to win the Game. It should be a close Game, I am not counting out the Magic completely, but there is just too much on the line in Game five for Cavs for them to lose at home in an elimination Game.

Ultimately though, the Magic will advance to the NBA Finals in my opinion unless the Cavs can pull off a miracle. Mo Williams, Delonte West and possibly Daniel Gibson will have to be the players to step up in order to avoid elimination.




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