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Game 7


NBA Playoffs 2009


The first round is almost over and it seems that we may have already been witnesses to the best match up in the playoffs with the never say die Chicago Bulls and the defending champion Boston Celtics.

When this series began I felt that the Bulls had absolutely no chance to even make this competitive, but once Kevin Garnett was ruled out and both Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose stepped up the champs realized advancing to the second round was not going to be easy.


Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics Game 7

I can only describe this first round match up with one word: EPIC!

Not only has this series between the Bulls and Celtics been extremely entertaining with overtimes in almost every single Game so far, but it has turned into an instant classic that will be remembered for quite some time.

The Boston Celtics are stacked with young and old talent. Paul Pierce is a born leader, Ray Allen is arguably the best shooter of all-time and Rajon Rondo keeps surprising people with his ability to run the point. The Celtics have been so versatile that they play suffocating defense and be very efficient on the offensive end of the floor. The Celtics are the total package even without KG in the middle.

The Chicago Bulls are one of the youngest teams in the league with bunch players searching for their NBA identity. Everyone always knew Ben Gordon was good player with the ability to put up 30 or 40 on any given night, but no one knew how good he really was until he hit clutch shot after clutch shot in this series. Derrick Rose has been without a doubt the Rookie of the Year throughout the regular season, but no one could have predicted that he will be this good under pressure against the defending champs.

Those two players have basically run the show for the Bulls in their efforts to knock off the defending champs in the first round, but there have plenty of role players on the Bulls squad that have stepped it up big as well. Tyrus Thomas has been huge! He is making clutch shots and playing great defense. Joakim Noah has also been a big factor for the Bulls in this series with his consistent hustle on defense and offensive punch down low.

One thing is for certain, the Bulls and Celtics Game seven will be an all out battle! As of right now I think the Bulls have the edge with the momentum coming into Game seven in Boston, but honestly if you have been watching these Games these two teams are as evenly matched as they come in the playoffs and anything can happen.

The Celtics are favored by six in this Game which I think is absolutely ridiculous. I would without a doubt in my mind take the Bulls at +6. This Game will almost certainly come down to the wire once again!



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