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Friday’s NBA Playoff Match Ups

 (Celtics @ Magic Game 3, Lakers @ Rockets Game 3)


We are only up to Game three in both the Celtics and Magic and Rockets and Lakers series, but things have started to get extremely heated and physical resulting in suspensions and bad blood.

Although things are getting a bit too physical, both these series are as entertaining as they come and seem to be headed for seven Games!


Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic Game 3

Game two of this series was by no means as physical as the Lakers and Rockets Game two, but it was close at times, especially when Rafer Alston decided to slap Eddie House in the back of the head after House hit a three in his face.

As of a result of Alston’s streetball move to slap House in the head he will miss Game three of this match up against the Celtics. This could be huge for Boston as the Magic will have to replace Alston at the point and could result in the Magic dropping their second straight Game against the Celtics.

The only advantage for the Magic in Game three will be playing on their home floor. After stealing Game one in Boston the Magic have reclaimed home cOurt from Boston and need to take advantage of that in the next to Games in Orlando.

Even though the Celtics are not the same defending champion Celtics we saw in the regular season, I think they have enough to advance to the Eastern Conference finals. The only thing standing in their way is Dwight Howard who could quite possibly get back on track playing in front of his home crowd in Orlando, but I believe the Celtics are just too experienced and too good defensively for the Magic.

The Magic might take Game three, but they won’t win the series unless Howard starts scoring 30+ a Game.


Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets Game 3

What a series this has turned out to be! Not only has this series turned into a gritty, no holds barred grudge match, but the Rockets have shown they are a force to be reckoned with and could beat the Lakers in seven Games.

Kobe Bryant came out on fire in Game two and kept the Lakers in the Game all night long. The problem is that Kobe can’t seem to count on his teammates to hit shots once again and the same problem that has plagued the Lakers in the past is starting to resurface.

The Rockets on the other hand are motivated and ready to go! Ron Artest is turning into arguably the MVP of the series just behind Kobe and Yao Ming continues to play well even when he got into foul trouble.

The big difference in Game three will be the absence of starting point guard Derek Fisher who was suspended one Game for his huge hit on the Rockets LUis SCola who is public enemy number one in Los Angeles right now. Even without Fisher in the lineup the Lakers have some pretty good backups in Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar so the loss isn’t as big as some people make it out to be.

I think we will see another very physical Game in the third Game of the series and it will be a close Game, but now that Kobe has lit the fire for the Lakers and I believe they will be tough to beat!

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