Heat Hawks Game 6

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Friday’s NBA Playoff Match Up

 (Hawks @ Heat Game 6)


The second round of the NBA playoffs is just around the corner! We have seen some upsets and the top seeds advance, but there are some series left that could easily go seven Games and one of them is the physical match up between the Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat and Joe Johnson’s Atlanta Hawks.

Atlanta Hawks @ Miami Heat Game 6

Things are really started to heat up in this series, no pun intended. Miami is struggling with some major injury problems to their top players including Dwyane Wade and Josh Smith of the Hawks displayed how immature he can really be.

Coming into this match up I predicted that this series would go at least six Games with the Heat eventually advancing. That predicted wasn’t looking all that bad until Wade started to struggle with some back problems.

The real problem with this match up is every time these two teams step on the floor you never know which team is actually going to show up and make a Game of it. One Game the Heat come in and dominate and the next Game the Hawks do the exactly the same.

At times during this series both teams have gone on big runs and knocked the other teams out of contention, but as we approach Game six of this series things are looking very different and bad blood is brewing between these two Eastern Conference foes.

In Game five the Atlanta Hawks were well ahead and had the Game well in hand in the near the end of the Game with a big lead. Most teams would take it easy and try and work the clock. The Hawks were in the process of doing just that until there was a steal and a break away lead by Josh Smith. Once Smith got close to the basket he attempted to dunk the ball after putting it through his legs in the air. Not only was it disrespectful to the Heat and embarrassing since Smith missed the dunk, but it will be just the kind of thing that great players like Dwyane Wade use as motivation.

Now that things are getting heated between these two teams and both are trying to keep their playoff hopes alive Game six will be an all out battle. Dwyane Wade may be banged up, but you better believe he will be ready to prove a point in Game six in Miami. Not only did Wade say he felt disrespected by Josh Smith’s ridiculous attempt at a flashy dunk, but this is an elimination Game and the best players always rise to the occasion.

I think Game six will be a very competitive and very physical Game. The Heat will struggle considering the injury problems, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dwyane Wade go off for 40+ points and get the win which will tie up the series and send it back to Atlanta for a Game seven.




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