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Saturday’s Western Conference Finals Game 3

 (Los Angeles Lakers @ Denver Nuggets)


The Western and Eastern Conference finals have been very competitive so far with all Four teams taking giving it their all every single night.

Before these series began everyone was hoping to see a Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals with the best one on one match up possible in the NBA today, Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James, but the way things are going we are just as likely to see the Denver Nuggets and the Orlando Magic squaring off for the NBA title.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Denver Nuggets Game 3

Nuggets -3.5 O/U 211 at Bet Jamaiaca

It is becoming more and more apparent with every passing postseason Game for the Lakers that they are their own worst enemy and if they lose a Game it isn’t because the other team just dominated them it is because the Lakers as a team have just basically shot themselves in the foot.

When the Lakers are on their Game they can beat anyone. Their offense and defense is as good as it gets when they are motivated, but the second things start to go wrong on either side of the floor whatever lead they have gotten out to starts to disappear quickly.

The Denver Nuggets on the other hand make few mistakes and this series against the Lakers has been somewhat of a coming age experience for Carmelo Anthony who has arguably been the most dominant player in the series thus far. Chauncey Billups has also played a huge the Nuggets recent success, but Melo has been the thorn in the Lakers sides in the first two Games.

Both Game one and Game two could have gone either way with either team being up 2-0 heading into Game three, but here we are dead even at one Game a piece.

Kobe Bryant has been a match up nightmare for the Nuggets as expected, he was the hero in Game one, but wasn’t able to close it out in Game two. One thing is for sure as the series heads to Denver, this series will go the distance as these two teams are as evenly matched as they come in the playoffs.

Game three could go either way, the Nuggets are favored by -3.5 at home in the third Game of the series, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lakers steal Game three with a huge performance by Kobe Bryant who still holds the Pepsi Center scoring record.

The Lakers need to make some major adjustments on both ends of the floor if they expect to win this series. The need to dominate the glass and capitalize on second chance opportunities, the Lakers did a good job of that in the first half of Game two, but were not able to keep it up in the second half.

I think Denver will take Game three at home. The Nuggets are a very tough home team, but on the flipside the Lakers are the best road team in the NBA. Should be another close one, but I expect the Nuggets to win.



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