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Friday’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 2

 (Orlando Magic @ Cleveland Cavaliers)


LeBron James is arguably the best all around player in the NBA today. Many people still say it’s the Lakers Kobe Bryant and they would have a valid argument. The fact is that LeBron is only getting better and in Game one of the Eastern Conference finals he proved why he is an elite scorer, but he also proved that the Cavs and himself still have much to learn about postseason competition.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers are still the odds on favorite to win the series and advance to the NBA Finals the Orlando Magic in Game one showed that they will not go down without a fight.


Orlando Magic @ Cleveland Cavaliers Game 2

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Coming into this series with the Orlando Magic the Cleveland Cavaliers were undefeated in the playoffs winning eight straight Games in two series in a row without a single loss. An impressive feat for any NBA team, but that streak was bound to end sometime and with such a long break between playoff series the Cavs came out a little rusty in Game one.

The Orlando Magic were coming off a heated seven Game series against the defending champion Boston Celtics in which they convincingly ended the Celtics hopes of repeating. They weren’t exactly favored to win that series, but the Dwight Howard and company took on the champs in the face of adversity and won.

As a result of the Magic’s surprising victory over the last season’s champs, Orlando have proven to themselves they can compete with anyone; including LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers.

Coming into the series with the Cavs I thought the Magic had a slim chance of win the series, a chance none the less, but a chance. Game one was a big surprise for the Cavs as the Magic came out and proved that the Cleveland hadn’t played a team that could compete with them in the playoffs until now.

The Magic just have too many playmakers on their team. Of course you have Dwight Howard in the middle, but then you also have players like Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis and Rafer Alston that are not afraid of taking the last shot. With a core of players like this the Magic are more than capable of beating the Cavs in a seven Game series and this was never more evident than in Game one of the Eastern Conference finals.

Yes, LeBron James did Score49 points and was damn near unguardable at times, but it took him to Scorealmost 50 points just to stay in the Game and once the buzzer sounded in the Fourth it was obvious there was a toll taken on LeBron’s body as he started to cramp up.

I still believe the Cavs can win in this series, but it will take seven Games to do it. If LeBron has to do it all like he did in Game one the Cavs could be in some serious trouble.

The Cavs should rebound in Game two to avoid heading to Orlando down 2-0.



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