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Tuesday’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 4

(Cleveland Cavaliers @ Orlando Magic)


Things are starting to get really interesting in the two battles to play in the NBA Finals as the Lakers and Nuggets series is competitive as it comes and the underdog Orlando Magic have taken the 2-1 series lead against LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers who were favored to go all the way until they ran into Dwight Howard’s crew in the Eastern Conference finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Orlando Magic Game 4

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Before this series began the Cavs were heavily favored, much like the Lakers, to make it to the NBA Finals and possibly win it all. The problem with the Cavs is that they really haven’t been challenged in the playoffs until they matched up with the Magic.

The Orlando Magic have gone through two tough teams so far playing against the both the Philadelphia 76ers who were more of a challenge than they expected and the defending champion Boston Celtics who took the Magic to seven Games in their series.

Regardless of how tough it was for the Magic to get to the East finals, Orlando has stepped up to the challenge and turned into a much better team than people had once thought.

The Cavs on the other hand have just cruised through the playoffs so far only suffering their first loss against the Magic in Game one of their series in Cleveland. The Detroit Pistons were a joke having absolutely no answer for LeBron James. The Atlanta Hawks weren’t much better as the Cavs pretty much seem like they were men amongst boys. The Eastern Conference finals is another story altogether though as they face an Orlando Magic team that has multiple offensive weapons and will live with LeBron scoring 50+ points a night.

So far, so good for the Magic as they have beaten the Cavs two out of three times and are starting to look like the better all around team. Yes, the Magic have trouble guarding LeBron like everyone else, but the Cavs have struggled to have others step up and help out LeBron. Once again Cleveland Achilles heel has been the lack of a supporting cast around this season’s NBA MVP.

This series far from over as these two teams head into Game Four where the Cavs are basically in a must win situation. If the Cavs do end up losing Game Four, which at this point I believe could easily happen, Cleveland will be facing an elimination Game at home in Game five.

In my opinion the scales have without a doubt tipped in the Magic’s favor as they have taken complete control of this series and could advance as early as Game five. With the way this series has gone, I think the Magic will advance eventually, but once this series goes back to Cleveland the Cavs will get one I believe. Game Four though will be another Magic victory.



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