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Monday’s NBA Playoff Match Ups

 (Denver Nuggets @ Dallas Mavericks Game 4, Cleveland Cavaliers @ Atlanta Hawks Game 4)


Things couldn’t be more interesting in the West with controversial calls, flagrant fouls and ejections, but the East is starting to become pretty boring with two series that we wish would just end already.


Denver Nuggets @ Dallas Mavericks Game 4

Game three in Dallas was a nail bitter to say the least and ended with an extremely controversial non call that resulted in a win for Denver and a commanding 3-0 lead for the red hot Nuggets.

Dirk Nowitzki definitely came to play in Game three despite all his troubles off the cOurt with his crazy out girlfriend or whatever she is, but the big sharp shooting German made the Nuggets work on defense all night long. For the first time in this series the Dallas bench outscored to the high powered Denver bench and it had the making of Dallas’ first win in the series, but in the Fourth quarter the Nuggets began to trim the Mavs lead and eventually end the Game on a Game winning three pointer by Carmelo Anthony.

Yes, the non call by the refs was huge. Carmelo was obviously fouled intentionally before he took his Game winning shot from beyond the arc, but let’s face it, the Nuggets should have never been in the situation to win the Game if Dallas truly deserved to win.

Now if Dirk and company want to get back into this series they will have to win in a do or die Game Four on their home floor. Will they do it? No, they probably won’t.

The Nuggets are by far the best team of the two and seem to be destined to make it to at least the Western Conference finals this time around. In fact, in my opinion they are the only team left in the West that can give the Los Angeles Lakers a run for their money in a seven Game series.

This series will be over in my opinion in Game Four and the Nuggets will advance to the Western Conference finals. It will be close Game, just like Game three, but the Nuggets are just a better team than the Mavs right now and will sweep Dallas.


Cleveland Cavaliers @ Atlanta Hawks Game 4

If there were ever a time to put a mercy rule into effect in the NBA playoffs that time is now. This series continues to be very lopsided with the Cavs and LeBron James playing like they were playing against a high school in the Atlanta Hawks. I hate to say that considering the fact that I think the Hawks will be a great team in the near future, but they have a lot of learning and growing pains to go through before they can compete with a team as good as the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Hawks did make a run in Game three of this series at home, but then LeBron James kicked it into overdrive scoring 47 points and ripping down 12 boards to go with his eight assists and it was all over for Atlanta.

Atlanta might make another push in Game Four to avoid getting knocked out, but it is obvious that they have absolutely no answer for LeBron and if he wants to beat the Hawks he will do it on his own if he has to. This series will be over after Game Four.





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