NFL Week 3 Picks

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Week 3 NFL

Picks againt the Spread


Here we take a quick look around the NFL and offer a few words and a pick for each Game, week 3. Any Game not includedhere, has a longer write up which can be found on Our home page.

Rams +7.5 over Bears – After just two Games it’s evident that the 2012 Rams have taken on the personality of their coach, Jeff Fisher. His Titan teams were always tough and Fisher proved over the years to be one of the better coaches in the NFL. That rends continues in St Louis so we’ll grab the spot here with a Rams team that will get better and better.

49ers -6.5 over Vikings – Until proven otherwise, in Our eyes, the 49ers are the class of the NFL. The Vikings squeaked by the Jags and lost to the Colts. The Vikings have a shaky offensive line which presents major problems going up against this 49er defense. Only one way to look here.

Lions -3.5 over Titans – Football handicappers have a tendeNCy to over analyze Games at times. CoNCentrating on obscure trends and angles. Sometimes you simply have to strip it down and go with the obvious. In this instaNCe, the Lions are simply the better football team that is further along in their progression of becoming a contender. They bouNCe back after last weeks loss in San Fran.

Bengals +3 over Redskins – The Skins win over the Saints looking less impressive and they couldn’t hold a big lead last week which could carry over have an impact here. Love what RG3 is doing in Washington as this is an exciting team now, but they are not a complete team. Remember, the Bengals were a playoff team a year ago.

Jets -2.5 over Dolphins – If the Jets come up short here they’ll be calling for Ryan’s head in New York (many are already). Honestly, if the Jets made Tebow a fullback they’d have one of the best rushing Games in the NFL and could become the pound it out type of team they have always wanted to be. Am I the only one that can see that? The Jets can’t let this one slip.

Chiefs +8 over Saints – The logical choice here would be the Saints. But the NFL isn’t always logical. The Saints are a hefty favorite based on reputation only. Not their play on the field. Right now, these are just two bad teams that have each given up 40 and 35 points in their first two Games.

Browns +3 -120 over Bills – So let’s see, the Bills GAve up 48 points in week 1 to a Jets team that couldn’t put the ball in the end zone the entire pre season, they then come home and beat the hapless Chiefs and now all of a sudden their a road favorite?

Jags +3 over Colts – GAbbert further along than LUck at this point with a year and change under his belt. LUck will continue to see new looks and will make mistakes. Colts shouldn’t be favored. Not yet.

Cardinals +3.5 over Eagles – Still no respect for the undefeated Cards. The Eagles are winning despite all the turnovers, which could be scary. But Cards are playing some solid football which give this Game a heck of a chance to be decided late. We’ll grab the field goal with the home dog.

Chargers -3 over Falcons – Nice matchup. Tough call. Two undefeated teams. Falcons have had the short prep week having played on Monday night and then the cross country trip for the Game, not to mention the off the field problems with Turner.

Steelers -3.5 over Raiders – We think the Steelers are down a notch or two and may run into some trouble this year. But not here.