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Playoff Pick


The Cowboys will host the Lions in the final Wild Card Game of the weekend in a Game that will kick off at 4:40 pm est. on Sunday. The Cowboys are currently -6.5 to -7 point favorites with a total of 48 as of Wednesday afternoon.

We like the Cowboys in this Game, and that’s scary. Why so scary? Well, if ever there was a public side, this is it. It’s the most one sided Game this weekend in terms of the number of bets being taken on one particular team as the public loves the Cowboys here.

We hate when we’re on the same side as the masses. However, you have to be very careful not to get too caught up in betting percentages, public sides, sharp sides, etc. The reason being, is that the public, even in their worst year, is going to win 40 to 45 Games out of 100. What if this is one of those 40 to 45 wins? You have to handicap the Games the same way and let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes you’ll be against the public, Sometimes you’ll be with them.

On to the Game…….

Of all of the Wildcard teams in action this weekend, the Cowboys would appear to be the team most likely to be able to make a run in these playoffs. They are peaking at just the right time and get a Lions team in this Game that while they have a legitimate defense, the offense has trouble keeping up and putting points on the board. We see this Game playing out much in the same way last weeks Game in Green Bay did.

We can break the season up into segments, using only the last 6 or 7 Games, the entire season, or home and away and whichever segment we use, the Cowboys defensive numbers matchup up with the Lions. However, where the teams don’t matchup, is on the offensive side of the ball and that’s where this Game figures to be won. It’s an edge that, in this type of a Game, should play itself out and allow the Cowboys to extend a margin late in this Game.

It’s really a now or never situation for Tony Romo and the Cowboys. How many more chances will Romo get? This could be it. Come up short oNCe again and Romo will go down in history as a QB that just couldn’t get it done in a big spot. He has one playoff win in 2009 against the Eagles to go along with 3 losses.

When we get to this time of year, we coNCentrate on picking straight up winners and hope that the spread winner follows. In fact, if you like the Lions in this Game, you had better be betting them because you you like their chances to win straight up, not just “hang” within the spot.

With that in mind, we just don’t see Dallas coming up short in this one. With the Game now at -6.5, we like Our chances with the Cowboys here. Dallas would also be worth using in any teaser plays you might be so iNClined to make this weekend. Dallas -6.5

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