Week 3 2014 NFL Picks

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Week 3


against the Spread


Here is this weeks “best of the rest”. Simply, these are NFL picks that are not written up in an article of their own, on Our home page. We’ll go through the rest of the Games on the NFL card this week and offer a selection on each Game with a few comments on each.

Vikings +10 or better over Saints – Naturally we don’t love this one. All kinds of distractions for the Vikings with the Adrian Peterson mess but we just aren’t impressed with the Saints. New Orleans is getting a lot of mileage out of what they used to be as opposed to what they are now. Right now they are a mediocre football team with a great QB. Their defense leaves a lot to be desired and that opens the back door for the Vikings here.

Bengals -6.5 over Titans – Bengals receiver AJ Green is questionable as of this wring so check status. But the Bengals look to be for real and this could be the year they actually get past the Wild Card round of the playoffs. If so, this is a Game they’ll win and if that’s the case here, it’s also likely they’ll cover the spot.

Browns +2 over Ravens – The old Browns vs. the new Browns. (look it up if you’re not old enough to remember). Another team with major distractions with the Ray Rice fiasco still fresh. The Browns are playing well and would love to move to 2-1. If they are to turn the corner as a fraNChise, this is a spot they have to have. Our Score Prediction model, which right now uses data from LAST year mixed in with this years results, has the Ravens on top 22-21. Both Browns Games close so far so we’ll call for another.

Lions -2.5 over Packers – Yet another team getting a lot of mileage from who they WERE s opposed to ho they currently are. The Packers are another mediocre team with a great QB. But sometimes a great QB just isn’t enough. Look for the Lions to bouNCe back from last weeks loss. They should move the ball much easier this week than last.

Colts -6.5 over Jags – Yeah, this is a spot where it seems too obvious so use caution here. In the NFL there are no shocking results. That being said, logic dictates that Andrew LUck and the Colts offense have a field day here and at anything less than -7, you have to lay it.

Patriots -13.5 over Raiders – taking double digits is supposed to be an automatic in the NFL. However, this is a tall order for a rookie QB coming into New England for their home opener. Brady, Belichick and so on.

Cardinals +3 over 49ers –  Carson Palmer is doubtful for Arizona and that’s unfortunate. Drew Stanton filled in nicely in New York but the Niners should prove to be a bigger challenge. But the Cards defense looks to be for real giving up just 17 to the Chargers and 14 last week to the Giants. We’ll call for yet another low scoring affair which should bode well for a Cards cover. Niners also with distractions.

Dolphins -4 over Chiefs – The Chiefs are 0-2 and have been hit by the injury bug. The Dolphins defense is a good one. Last weeks score is a bit deceiving as the Bills kicked 5 field goals AND returned a kick for a TD. The Dolphins lost Moreno last week however the Chiefs counter by having lost Jamaal Charles.