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Free NFL Picks

Welcome to our Free NFL Picks. Here on this page each week we will offer our AGAINST THE PUBLIC NFL picks.

These picks must meet a certain criteria which involves public betting percentages along with line movement.

This approach has paid tremendous dividends in college football. The approach has been profitable in the NFL as well, simply not AS PROFITABLE as college.

But profits are profits. This is a GRIND.


*** PLEASE NOTE - These are NOT Key Releases. Any NFL Key Release will appear on the Key Release Page as well as the home page. There will be very few NFL Keys as the majority of our Key Releases are college plays.


RECORD 27-24



Bears +3 over Redskins L
Vikings +7 over Packers L
Browns +4 over Chargers W



Jets +2.5 over Dolphins L
Cowboys -7 over Bucs L
Bears +5.5 over Packers W
Jags +5 over Texans W
Chargers +2.5 over Raiders L
Bengals +3 over Steelers L



Bears +7.5 over Lions W
Rams +5.5 over Falcons L



Jags +3.5 over Broncos L
Cardinals -2.5 over Redskins W



Browns +7 over Giants L
Jets +7 over Patriots W



Jags +6.5 over Lions L
Vikings -2.5 over Cardinals W
Browns +8 over Steelers L
49ers +11 over Patriots L



Jags -2 over Texans L
Rams +1.5 over Jets W
Vikings +2.5 over Redskins L
Titans +3 over Packers W
Seahawks +7.5 over Patriots W



Jags +7.5 over Chiefs W
Browns +7 over Cowboys L
49ers +3.5 over Saints L
Rams +3 over Panthers PUSH
Titans +4 over Chargers L
Raiders -1 over Broncos W



Browns +3 over Jets P
Bucs pk over Raiders L



Dolphins +3 -125 over Bills W
Jaguars -1 over Raiders L
Jets -2 over Ravens W
Steelers +7 over Patriots L



Dolphins +7 over Steelers W



Bucs +4.5 (Mon) W

No Sunday games qualify this week



Falcons +3 W
Bucs +3 L
49ers +2.5 L



Bills +3.5 W
Eagles +3.5 W



Browns +6 W
Chargers +3 W
Vikings +2.5 W



Jets +1.5 W
Bears +4.5 L
Jags +4.5 W
Cowboys +1 PUSH
Lions +3 W
Patriots +7 W
Redskins +3 -115 (Mon) L
49ers +2.5 (Mon) W

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