Basketball Teasers

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Betting NBA Teasers

How many times have you lost a Game at the final buzzer by a point? Or how many times have you blown a huge lead to lose by two or three points? If we could count all the money those horrible losses cost us, we could be living at the beach by now. One possible solution to all those gut wrenching losses is to bet them on a teaser instead of straight. In the NBA betting teasers gives us the option of an extra 4, 4.5, or 5 points for Our benefit.

The payoffs are less but still provide some viable options. Here are the basic payoffs for NBA teasers. Betting two team teasers in the NBA we are usually laying money. It ranges from even money to -120 depending upon us getting 4, 4.5 or 5 pts. The payoffs increase as we add teams. For 3 teams the range is +150 to +190 depending upon Our choice of points taken. The odds continue to increase as we add teams. Most of the time it is probably just best to take the most points available to get the best possible advantage. Many times on teasers ties will lose so check the rules before betting that NBA teaser.

One thing to look at when betting teasers in the NBA is to sometimes key off of your strongest play. I talked about this in the parlay article and it applies here as well. For example, you might like San Antonio at home versus Houston. The Spurs are a 5.5 point favorite. You key the Spurs in three different 3 team teasers at 5 points. Now the Spurs just need to win the Game outright and you are in good shape on all three teasers. This idea keys your strongest play on all three teasers, and it puts you in a very strong position if your key team wins.

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One thing I also mentioned with parlays is that the three teamer is generally the best one to go with. It’s payoffs are good and it does not ask you to do too much. Getting above a three teamer is much more difficult because it seems like one of the Games you pick always seems to let you down. You can also give serious thought to just a two teamer. It does not pay as well but it still can present value if you have just two strong plays.

So what is the best way to get some value for Our teaser bets in the NBA? I like to look mainly at two and three teamers. I look even more so at the three teamer. If I just have two teams I am more likely to straight bet or parlay the two Games. If I have a third team and am not quite as confident I might want to add those additional points in a three team NBA parlay. One area to concentrate on when betting that NBA teaser is to look at a team you really like to win that is around a 5-7 point favorite. Then basically all you need them to do is win the Game. Another one to look at is a small favorite of 1-2 points. You then can get them at a plus three points.

Some places will also let you bet totals on your teasers. There are also places that offer different pointspreads. It can vary as much as 3 or 4 points per place, so be sure and check the rules when you bet your NBA teaser. Don’t forget when you bet your teaser to concentrate on the same things that you do normally. Sometimes people forget the basics when they are getting extra points. Don’t be lulled into that. The extra points are a type of security blanket for you. Don’t let the extra points get you into playing Games that you would not normally play. Concentrate on your strengths. Look at the situation. Are you playing on a strong home team that rarely loses but doesn’t always cover? They would be a good choice for your teaser. What about an underdog you really like?

Those extra points sure are nice to have when you are already a nice dog. I really like those added points when everyone expects a competitive Game. You know that when the Lakers play the Spurs, those Games are generally close. Those extra points give you a nice feeling when the Game is likely to end right around the pointspread number. This is also very helpful in playoff Games. Those NBA teasers can be really helpful to your bottom line when playoff time rolls around. You know the Games are usually close and teams rarely give up. Near the end of the Game the pointspread is usually in doubt. Getting those extra 4 or 5 points can turn your loser into a winner.

I remember so many times when the Lakers would be up double digits in the Fourth quarter only to win by 8 points. I know that when I have my team covering the spread I am very nervous late in the Game. It always seems to come down to the last minute or so. Those extra 4 or 5 points can really provide some help when you like something really strong.

When betting that NBA teaser always remember to keep it simple. Key off of your best bet if you want to play multiple parlays. And remember to always trust your gut. When you get that feeling – go with it.

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