Round Robin Parlays Explained


A Round Robin is simply a nickname for parlay wagering on a group of selections (at least three or more) that are to be includedin a combination of individual parlays.

For instance, if a player asked for a $100, three-team Round Robin with teams A, B, and C, he/she is simply requesting a two-team parlay with teams A and B, another parlay with teams A and C, and another with teams B and C, for a total of 3 individual parlays, each for $100. The total amount risked would be $300.

Round Robins get more complex as the number of teams increases. A Four-team Round Robin “by twos” for $100 would mean that the bettor wants Four teams to be includedin a combination of two-team parlays. This would be a total of six individual two-team parlays, for a total risk of $600. If the request is for a Round Robin “by threes”, it would include a total of Four possible combinations, for a risk of $400.


A player requests a $100 Four team Round Robin “by twos”, with teams A, B, C and D. The possible combinations would be as follows:

Teams AB $100 to win $260
Teams AC $100 to win $260
Teams AD $100 to win $260
Teams BC $100 to win $260
Teams BD $100 to win $260
Teams CD $100 to win $260

If all Four teams win, the player wins $1240, while risking only $600! If one Game loses, there is still a profit, even though three of the parlays would lose. The three winners get back $780, plus the $100 laid for each parlay, for a total of $1080. After subtracting $300 for the 3 losers, the player profits $480!

Just like in standard parlays, selections from every league and sport can be included!

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