Bowl Game Score Predictions – 12-20 thru 12-26

bowl game picks
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Between 12/20 and 12/26 we have 8 bowl games, mostly games between mediocre teams with very little interest among college football fans unless you’re a fan of these particular teams. Although the games do get gradually better each day.

Starting on December 27th we’ll have several games of much more interest though the opt outs and transfers will no doubt ruin some of them.

In the meantime we’ll post the score predictions from our model below for the games of 12/20 thru 12/26 followed by a few words on the games.

Eastern Michigan          54.0          20   NEUTRAL 
San Jose State            -4.0          29
Eastern Michigan          54.0          37   NEUTRAL 
San Jose State            -4.0          25
Eastern Michigan          54.0          23   NEUTRAL 
San Jose State            -4.0          26
Toledo                    -5.0          26   NEUTRAL 
Liberty                   55.0          27
Toledo                    -5.0          32   NEUTRAL 
Liberty                   55.0          17
Toledo                    -5.0          26   NEUTRAL 
Liberty                   55.0          27
South Alabama             -4.0          25   NEUTRAL 
Western Kentucky          56.0          25
South Alabama             -4.0          25   NEUTRAL 
Western Kentucky          56.0          27
South Alabama             -4.0          23   NEUTRAL 
Western Kentucky          56.0          24
Air Force                 49.0          16   semi-N  
Baylor                    -5.0          24
Air Force                 49.0          12   semi-N  
Baylor                    -5.0          10
Air Force                 49.0          15   semi-N  
Baylor                    -5.0          23
Houston                   -7.0          32   NEUTRAL 
Louisiana-Lafayette       58.5          26
Houston                   -7.0          33   NEUTRAL 
Louisiana-Lafayette       58.5          31
Houston                   -7.0          37   NEUTRAL 
Louisiana-Lafayette       58.5          33
Wake Forest               -1.0          29   NEUTRAL 
Missouri                  60.0          28
Wake Forest               -1.0          46   NEUTRAL 
Missouri                  60.0          41
Wake Forest               -1.0          29   NEUTRAL 
Missouri                  60.0          28
Middle Tennessee State    50.5          19   NEUTRAL 
San Diego State           -7.0          24
Middle Tennessee State    50.5          13   NEUTRAL 
San Diego State           -7.0          31
Middle Tennessee State    50.5          14   NEUTRAL 
San Diego State           -7.0          25
New Mexico State          47.5          22   NEUTRAL 
Bowling Green             -3.0          25
New Mexico State          47.5          52   NEUTRAL 
Bowling Green             -3.0          17
New Mexico State          47.5          22   NEUTRAL 
Bowling Green             -3.0          17


So there you have it. Not much to sink your teeth into. In all honestly, in my 30+ years of doing this I can’t recall a Bowl season that I had less interest in than this one. It’s unfortunate and I can only hope that the new playoff system will inject new life into the college football post season.

There are a handful of games of interest though, next week, including the final 4 matchups and of course the Jan 2nd games including the Rose Bowl. We’ll be back to cover those next week and will no doubt have some stronger plays.

As for the games above, be careful. Liberty comes up as a play statistically however it’s hard to back a team that finished the regular season the way they did.

Western Kentucky also comes up as a play statistically but you have to question the mindset of the team. Their QB initially hit the transfer portal then changed his mind. They’ll also be without a couple of offensive linemen.

This group of games is a complete pass from us. We’ll focus instead on the NFL card this week and we’ll look forward to next weeks bowl games.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!

Look for the next set of Bowl games with score predictions and hopefully a few plays on December 27th!

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