Turkey Teaser

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Thanksgiving Day

Football Teaser


It’s been a tradition here for us the past 20 years to offer up a Turkey Day Teaser for your betting pleasure on Thanksgiving. We do it for fun. To us, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little wager on the outcome of the days Games. Over the years the Thanksgiving Day comes have been hit or miss as far as the quality of the Games. But this year, it looks as though we’ve got at least 2 out of the 3 featuring playoff teams.

Here is this years Turkey Day Teaser………well, it’s actually a money line parlay this year, but you get the drift. You can play this parlay at 5 dimes sportsbook. The odds are +110 or $100 to win $110.

Lions pk over Bears

Cowboys pk over Eagles

Seahawks +14.5 over 49ers


Lions pk – think the Lions will bouNCe back this week after losing up in New England. The Lions defense is legit however their offense is a problem. The Lions offensive yards per point number of 18.6 is 3rd worst in the NFL ahead of only the Jets and Jags and that’s a HUGE coNCern in this spot. We’re rolling the dice a bit here as we’d certainly hate to start the day off with a loss to kill Our parlay but we think the Lions get a “W” here.


Cowboys pk – Did someone say “rolling the dice”?. Same deal here. This one won’t be easy. In fact, Our NFL model has this one as tight as can be and even has the Eagles winning straight up when using only the last 7 Games. But Dallas actually has a defense and we’d prefer Romo over SaNChez any day of the week.


Seahawks +14.5 – Well, if we make it this far, we can sit back, maybe have some pumpkin pie and settle in for what would look to be a L-O-C-K. The 49ers can’t beat the Seahawks by more than two TD’s can they? Ha Ha. Naturally, anything is possible, but if we make it this far, we like Our chances. Our model has this one coming down to the wire in a Game decided by less than a field goal.


Well, that’s it. This years Turkey Day Teaser. Remember, it’s just for fun and just foe a peanut. Enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving!

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