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NBA Finals Game 5

(Los Angeles Lakers @ Orlando Magic)


Wow! Game four in Orlando turned out to be one hell of game with clutch shooter Derek Fisher coming in and saving the Los Angeles Lakers from defeat once again with a couple of big threes when the game was on the line both in regulation and overtime.

We’ve all seen him hit one of the most replayed shots in NBA history which dubbed as simply just 0.4, but some people have questioned if Derek Fisher had anything left in the tank before coming into this NBA Finals series with the Orlando Magic. Now that question has been answered as Fisher hit two of the biggest shots in this series giving the Los Angeles Lakers a commanding 3-1 lead over the Magic heading into game five.


NBA Finals Game 5: Los Angeles Lakers @ Orlando Magic

Magic -3 O/U 198.5 at Bet Us

In all honesty, this series is over in my opinion. I really don’t see the Orlando Magic being able to beat the Los Angeles Lakers three times in a row with two of those three in Los Angeles. Virtually, impossible!

I don’t like to say the word “impossible” because I believe nothing truly is, but the Magic will really have to defy the odds to pull off the miracle mission they have in front of them over the next three games.

When you look at this series from a distance a few things jump out at you straight away. Dwight Howard can’t score or impose his will in the paint. Rashard Lewis is hot and cold. Kobe Bryant puts up at least 30, eight assists and eight rebounds every single night and finally the Lakers supporting cast has stepped up every time they have been called upon.

Those are some pretty glaring problems for the Orlando Magic to change in order to win game five on their home floor and then win two more games on the Lakers home floor at the Staples Center in LA. It just won’t happen.

Will the Lakers win game five? Yes.

Everyone knows that when a team is facing elimination they almost always come ready to play with a do or die attitude and stretch the series to at least one more contest. On the contrary, when a team is on the verge of winning an NBA title with just one more win they will be just as ready if not more than their opponent.

Can the Magic win game five? Yes.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Orlando Magic can win game five. When the Magic are on their game and Howard, Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis are hitting their shots then Orlando is as tough to beat as any team in this league.

The spread is -2.5 in favor of the Orlando Magic. Is that a safe bet? Yes, but is it the smart bet? No. I would take the Lakers to win on Sunday: +2.5



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