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***Note - Pinnacle Sports no longer accepts US customers. However, a sportsbook that quickly filled the void left by Pinnacle is 5 dimes sportsbook. They offer reduced juice style betting just as Pinnacle did and have even more bet offers. Check them out!

Over the years here at Bettorsworld, we've had the opportunity to bring our visitors some of the most educational, informative articles about sportsbetting and more importantly, how to go about your sportsbetting in a smart, intelligent manner. Most of those articles over the last decade were written in house by Bettorsworld staff, although we have also had some great contributors as well.

In the fall of 2005, we started to run a new column put out by Pinnacle Sports, with the title The Pinnacle Pulse. Who knew at the time what this series of articles would turn out to be. We quickly learned that this was not just another promotional article commonly put out by sportsbooks. No, the Pinnacle Pulse was much different than that. As it turns out, the Pinnacle Pulse weekly article, is without a doubt some of the best sportsbetting related material ever published on the internet, bar none.

You simply can NEVER beat sportsbetting long term, until you have mastered and completely understand all of the topics written about in the weekly collection of Pinnacle Pulse articles. In these articles, there are tidbits of information that literally contain some of sportsbettings best kept secrets. Strategies and angles employed by some of the sharpest sportsbettors in the world.

There are many pieces to the sportsbetting puzzle contained in these articles. Studying these articles, and learning the techniques and strategies eluded to in them, WILL make you a better player, and may actually make you a true wiseguy!

pinnacle-pulse/1.htm Sept 2005 - Football Handicapping

pinnacle-pulse/2.htm - Sept 2005 - Vig on Moneyline Wagers

pinnacle-pulse/3.htm - Not Available

pinnacle-pulse/4.htm - 9/28/05 - Proposition Bets

pinnacle-pulse/5.htm - Oct 2005 - Sharp Players, Wiseguys

pinnacle-pulse/6.htm - Oct 2005 - NFL Teasers

pinnacle-pulse/7.htm - Oct 2005 - Squares

pinnacle-pulse/8.htm - Oct 2005 - The Pinnacle Lean

pinnacle-pulse/9.htm - Nov 2005 - Betting high profile games

pinnacle-pulse/10.htm Nov 11, 2005 - Halftime wagers and Quarter Wagers

pinnacle-pulse/11.htm - Nov 16, 2005 - Team Performance wagers

pinnacle-pulse/12.htm Nov 23, 2005 - Year of the Square

pinnacle-pulse/13.htm - Nov 30, 2005 - Sharp Action

pinnacle-pulse/14.htm Dec 7, 2005 - Chances of Colts going undefeated

pinnacle-pulse/15.htm - Dec 14, 2005 - End of season home field advantage in NFL

pinnacle-pulse/16.htm - Dec 21, 2005 - Betting College Football Bowl Games

pinnacle-pulse/17.htm - Dec 29, 2005 - Live Betting at Pinnacle Sportsbook

pinnacle-pulse/18.htm - Jan 4, 2006 - NFL Playoffs and public money

pinnacle-pulse/19.htm - Jan 11, 2006 - Warning signs - Offshore books in trouble

pinnacle-pulse/20.htm - Jan 18, 2006 - Officiating, bad calls affecting the outcome of wagers

pinnacle-pulse/21.htm - Jan 25, 2006 - Early Super Bowl Betting Strategies

pinnacle-pulse/22.htm - Feb 1, 2006 - Super Bowl XL betting

pinnacle-pulse/23.htm - Feb 8, 2006 - NCAA basketball betting

pinnacle-pulse/24.htm - Feb 22, 2006 - What is a BAD line?

pinnacle-pulse/25.htm - March 1, 2006 - Getting the best number, price shopping

pinnacle-pulse/26.htm - March 14, 2006 - March Madness Betting

pinnacle-pulse/27.htm - March 22, 2006 - College Hoops 2nd Half wagering

pinnacle-pulse/28.htm - March 30, 2006 - March Madness College Basketball Futures

pinnacle-pulse/29.htm - April 5, 2006 - American Idol Betting

pinnacle-pulse/30.htm - April 12, 2006 - NFL Futures

pinnacle-pulse/31.htm - April 19, 2006 - MLB wagering options for the savvy player

pinnacle-pulse/32.htm - April 27, 2006 - Betting NBA playoff Series

pinnacle-pulse/33.htm - May 4, 2006 - Kentucky Derby Betting

pinnacle-pulse/34.htm - May 11, 2006 - NBA halftime lines easy to beat

pinnacle-pulse/35.htm - May 19, 2006 - 2nd half or 2nd chance MLB lines at Pinnacle Sports

pinnacle-pulse/36.htm - May 25, 2006 - The French Open Tennis Betting

pinnacle-pulse/37.htm - May 30, 2006 - NBA Playoffs Series bets

pinnacle-pulse/38.htm - May 31, 2006 - World Cup Soccer Betting

pinnacle-pulse/39.htm - June 6, 2006 - NBA Finals - Making an accurate totals line

pinnacle-pulse/40.htm - Not Available

pinnacle-pulse/41.htm - Not Available

pinnacle-pulse/42.htm - June 21, 2006 - World CUP Soccer Betting for sharp players

pinnacle-pulse/43.htm - June 28, 2006 - Tennis Betting - Wimbledon

pinnacle-pulse/44.htm - June 28, 2006 - Soccer power ratings method used for all sports


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